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Löwenstein LENA Full Face Mask


Product Description

Löwenstein Medical LENA is a full face mask that that has been developed for high pressures and big pressure differences. This makes the mask suitable for people with a BiPAP or CPAP at a high pressure.


Most important characteristics of the Löwenstein LENA Full Face Mask:

  • Comfortable mask, also reliable for high pressures up to 35 cmH2O
  • Mask cushion with a perfect seal
  • Adjustable headgear and forehead cushion
  • Rotatable hose connection (elbow) for more freedom of movement
  • Integrated oxygen connection for an oxygen tubing


Always stable and reliable

LENA is a reliable mask from Löwenstein Medical, “made in Germany”. Compared to other masks, this full face mask offers important advantages. Especially for people who use their BiPAP or CPAP machine at a high pressure. This mask is also interesting if you use your BiPAP or CPAP in combination with an oxygen supply. The LENA mask remains stable on the face at high pressure and big pressure differences. Thanks to the exhalation system, the exhaled air leaves the mask quietly and diffusely for more comfort. The mask also has an integrated oxygen connection to which you can connect an oxygen tubing directly.


Mask cushion for a perfect seal

The anatomical design of the full face cushion has been created after extensive research. The cushion has a double silicone membrane, it’s a kind of air buffer. This offers you a perfect seal, and marks are a thing of the past. In addition, the soft mask cushion has a perfect connection with the plastic part, the mask body. During your therapy, everything remains in place.


Adjustable headgear and forehead cushion

The headgear can withstand high pressures and big pressure differences. The color coding helps you assembling the mask, and the mask is easy to adjust. The forehead support distributes the pressure evenly and prevents marks. The sliding element allows you to adjust the position of the forehead support for extra comfort.


Easy to clean

The LENA mask is easy to disassemble, and the parts can be cleaned separately: the headgear, the mask cushion, the forehead support and the plastic parts. In the user manual you’ll find more detailed information about cleaning the different parts.

Löwenstein LENA Full Face Mask

$330.00 Regular Price
$290.00Sale Price
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